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How could float in rivers and lakes do not break the knife NBA heavyweights C
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Marbury as the shoemaker in the Shanxi Zhongyu help open the Chinese market smoothly, NBA players were restless, especially when playing without the ball almost retired of them, you know! As the world's second-largest economy, China's market more and more attention, the mind and limbs developed N BA player, the same will be money-making look at China. Euphemistically called the re-employment, is actually a sea venture. Given that most N BA players lack of understanding of the Chinese market, but also floating in rivers and lakes in view of the knife is not the truth how can we put this incomplete report overnight, in the hope China will join Francis, Allen Iverson have been help. Report 1: a shoe, please stay away from Fujian! Shanxi last year after joining Marbury, fans who have not asked why the shoemaker horse to play in Fujian, Fujian, but the capital of China's sports shoes! Precisely because of this, Anta, 361 °, the Olympic ... ... Some of the team sponsors, some simply that the league sponsors, some official partner. Want to play and sell shoes in Fujian, it is not rush snakes people business, but also allow people to live without? Therefore, the Marbury shoe north's strategy is to succeed, when they have to follow for the later ones. For the movement to develop its own brand in China, preferably away from Fujian. Feasibility: 80% risk: ★ ★ ★ Report 2: Shanghai prices are high, home buyers must be taken seriously! Yao Fu Laoda to come, said the Shanghai team in marriage and the gift has not been settled only a thin. To leave the stadium after the N BA, Francis opened up his own company, mainly engaged in real estate, music, clothing, Internet and other services, including real estate business is to bring a lot of money for the Fu Laotai income. According to reports, Francis hopes to join the business development of CBA on his help, he does not rule out that the property market in China to join the Chinese real estate may be hot. China housing prices almost at record highs, there is still some room for growth, but the larger bubble, especially in Shanghai house prices, and this body of water deep yet, and suggested Fulao Da careful ah! In addition, the second-tier cities, housing prices may also be larger space. Feasibility: 50% of the risk: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Report 3: Remember to record anti-Chinese out of the three Customs Another recent CBA go closer and undoubtedly is the biggest card of the "Answer" Iverson, rivers and lakes, and nearly brawny rushing rumors "marry" him. Allen Iverson is one other identity is rapper Jew elz. He has had a record called "40 Bars" album, but because the lyrics are too sexually explicit, discriminatory gay colors, the album attracted vocal opposition of public opinion, some politicians have criticized him, the matter even alerted the N BA commissioner David Stern. Given the openness of China and the United States far less, if Iverson would like to enter the Chinese record industry, we must strictly meet the country the recent "anti-three-conventional" action in the lyrics and the MV on a good grasp of scale. Strong interest in music O'Neal and Ron Artest students, such as future intention to enter China, also need attention. Feasibility: 40% risk: ★ ★ ★
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